Ironman Gravity 4000 reviewIf you are going to buy the inversion table then you should choose the best product which is not a piece of cake. You should always pay attention to the reviews of the different products that contain vital details about the product. Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table is one of the popular products that are also getting fame among the people around the world. This product has lots of features and also available at affordable prices. If we talk about this product then it is manufactured in China and also has one year warranty. By using this inversion table, you can eliminate the problems regarding back pain, stress and much more in a short time period. This table also has safety handles that will help you to do inversion without facing troubles.

Check out the features

This product is really better than other inversion tables due to its lots of amazing features like the durability, design, and colors. This table also has easy controls so you can manage the angles of inversion with ease without having issues. This also comes with a guide or manual to provide you better details for using it. You also don’t need to worry about the space in your home to store it. It is easy to fold and then you can keep it anywhere when you are not using this. The foam of the bench will also make you more comfortable and provide a good feel of relaxation during the session. It also has safety handles that provide support to your body during the session.

Ankle locking system

This is a known fact that your ankles have to hold the weight of your whole body during the inversion session. With the help of cushions of heel holders and ankle lock system of this product, you can enjoy the comfort and reduce the pain in your ankles.